Essay on Discrimination Against The Protection Of Transgender People

1037 Words May 19th, 2016 5 Pages
Early April 2016 North Carolina passed a law restricting governments from passing laws that are anti- discriminatory. With this law in effect it will lead to the protection of transgender people. Discrimination against transgenders is against the law and has stirred up arguments throughout the nation. With more and more transgenders standing up against discrimination, this has become a national issue. There has never been one case reported where a transgender has attacked anyone in a public restroom. So how could this conjure up the thought of “why go through emotional and physical steps to identify oneself as a transgender just to be used to carry out these alleged evil acts in public restrooms?”Unfortunately, transgenders continue to face much public discrimination due to misinformation, and misleading statements from the media.

For most people, the idea of transgenders may be a new and complicated term. How do parents and adults educate the children of today on a topic that they lack knowledge of and may not be comfortable with? Many people are waiting on guidelines on how to directly discuss the topic and publicize it, mostly in school facilities. It has even been taken to the White House, Friday May 13th 2016. Obama has stated that if public schools do not abide by allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms matching their gender identity, the schools will face the loss of federal funds. Public schools are being forced to be more secretive to the needs of…

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