Essay On Discrimination Against Christianity

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Discrimination Against Christianity
Christians are labeled as uneducated, judged for their beliefs, and discriminated against in the mainstream culture. It is absurd that people have a problem with the right to Freedom of religion, considering that our founding fathers found it so important that it they set in place as an amendment. It is hard to understand why people think that it is ok to discriminate against Christians. The Bible states that we will be persecuted for our beliefs. For example, in Second Timothy 3:12 it says “ Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ jesus shall suffer persecution (Bible KJV).” but that does not mean that it is ok to put forth discrimination on Christians. Christians should not have to be scared on a day-to-day basis of being martyred for what they believe in. It is not being called a bible thumper or a religion pusher that emits a sick
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Here is a couple examples 1. a Florida ministry was told that they had to remove the face of jesus if they wanted to receive USDA food to help the poor. 2. a baker faces a year in jail for not making a gay couple 's wedding cake. There are red flags everywhere with just two examples of discrimination against christians. A Florida church wanted to help people who were poor and who could not provide food for themselves, but they could not associate it with god or christianity, so instead of open religion we get starving people because that is totally logical. And so what if a christian baker did not want to make a wedding cake, it is their choice not to make it and it was the gay couple 's choice to go there. But instead because there is obviously no other bakeries around we will selfishly sue you for not going against christian beliefs. People expect christians to abandon their beliefs and get with the modern times and if they do not they could be sued or killed (Hawkins

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