Essay on Discrimination Against African Americans And Discrimination

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Social Inequality
Discrimination occurs all over the United States and due to such judgement, there cannot be an equal society. An equal society is when a lot of people, no matter race or gender, live in a non-discriminating area. Many years have passed since the rough times of discrimination and slavery towards African Americans, yet the legal status has hardly evolved. Although African Americans and other races have the same rights as whites, discrimination continues. Although America has come a long way to stop racism and fight for equality, we cannot live in an equal society due to those who oppose it. With this being said many issues remain yet to be accomplished. Those items yet to be accomplished are, discrimination against African American teens who are murdered by authorities, discrimination in school campuses, and discrimination on the job.
Targets of discrimination are usually African American’s. Many black young males lose their life due to a police officer shooting the suspect, because the officers believe they are in possession of a weapon. According to Swaine, “young black men were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by police officers in 2015” (1). In making this comment, Swaine urges us to know that African American teenagers are most likely to be assaulted by a racist officer. Another way of discrimination that African American’s face is being falsely accused of a crime. Many African Americans encounter time in jail due to a false…

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