Essay on Discrimination : A Victim Of Discrimination

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Do you ever feel like you have been mistreated? Do you ever feel like people have based decisions off of what you may look like or where you may have come from? Have you ever been asked are mixed with anything? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then you have become a victim of discrimination. Discrimination is the action that denies social participations or human rights to categorize a person or people off of prejudgments. Discrimination is big all over the world, in schools or even when you go into a store, but the one that stands out mostly is discrimination in the workplace. Workplace discrimination is when employees are mistreated based off the color of their skin, by them being male or female, or whether you have seniority or just starting a job. These are all forms of workplace discrimination. All of which are illegal according to the Civil Right Act of 1964. It is illegal to discriminate against anyone in the workplace based off of their race, sex, disability, religion, etc. To begin with it is illegal to discriminate against any employee based off of their race. With this being the biggest issue in the world where color is a factor by which your life is determined. It is all around wrong and cruel. You should have equal opportunity black or white or any other race out there. With the media spinning out of control with this white on black crime, it becomes harder to reduce the cases in general. Black families are pushing their kids not to be…

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