Essay about Discrimination : A Disease That Plagues American Culture

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Discrimination: A Disease that Plagues American Culture
The Problem If you have ever had the pleasure in attending grades k-12 in America, you may remember standing in line outside of a school or occasionally in the auditorium if the weather was bad and reciting The pledge of allegiance. This was extremely boring because all playing and talking ceased so that, we could to look ahead at the flag for about five minutes; maybe ten minutes if we sang the national anthem the morning. At that time I never understood the point of reciting the anthem, but I always knew it was a complete waste of time. Upon further inspection, and little bit of real world experiences with American I have came to the conclusion that, pledge of allegiance is at best comical coming from a nation with a track record like America’s. The pledge notes, “one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”, unfortunately, America does not posses the qualities listed in the pledge. America, forces this type of patriotic propaganda down the throats of society, in hope to conceal an underlying principle of the American society: racism. Racism can be traced back to the conception of this nation therefore; racism has been ingrained into the fibers of our nation. In modern society the effects of racism are often overlooked and understated because racism tends to be inconspicuous and systematic.
The effects racism in relation to opportunity and the African American community prove racism is still…

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