Religious Discrimination Research Paper

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“In a civilized society, diversity in religious orientation should be the reason for celebration, not the cause for hatred and differentiation” (Abhijit Naskar). This quote stated by one of the most celebrated neurosurgeons and best-selling authors speaks the nothing but the truth. However, based on this current age, this quote is not one that is followed. Religious discrimination started long before today, examples of this are the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, European Colonization and many more. However, what the problem with today’s religious discrimination over history’s is regardless of the laws set to protect different religions, it still happens on a daily basis. People with different religions are discriminated against as evidenced …show more content…
While America is known for being a country with religious freedom, various countries do not practice the same methods. To represent this claim, an article called “The Worst Countries for religious Freedom,” written by Brian Pellot, the government of China. While China is an atheist government, only a few religions have permission to worship. The religions that are not allowed receive severe repressions, such as torture and imprisonment (Pellot). This piece of evidence shows the lack of religious freedom, and how people will be persecuted because of their religion. These punishments include what was stated, and many more equally disturbing sentences. Not only that, but a majority of countries in the world go through this process. In an article written by Fatima Al-Wahaidy research shows that around 80% of the Earth lives in an area that restricts their religious freedom (Al-Wahaidy). From this piece of evidence, it can be see that only 20% of the world has religious freedom. Around 80% of the people in this world go through what was described in the first quote. The only reason they go through this is because the religion they choose to is not in favor of the

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