Discovering A Solution Is Not Always Easy Essay

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The experiences you have while watching a film are very interesting. Typically within a film, you, the viewer, is presented with a problem or situation and it is up to you to come up with the solution. These situations may have good results or bad, but it is always up to the viewer to discover the solution. Discovering a solution is not always easy. Historian David Bordwell believes that the narration in a film cues and constrains its viewer .Directors always find ways to confuse a viewer by adding suspense into a story. The narration in a film cues the viewers by giving clues as well as telling them what to think. A viewer can be constrained because the all the information is not provided in that one setting. Instead the narration only provides bits and pieces as the film progresses. Within a film directors provide a syuzhet, which is the order in which the film is presented, and it is up to the viewers to create a fabula, which is the way your mind puts all the pieces together. Consistently, while watching a film, gaps will be formed when a viewer does not have all the information when trying to come up with a solution to a situation. In the infamous film Psycho, done by Alfred Hitchcock, there are a lot of gaps that are not fulfilled until the end of the film. Viewer’s opinions and assumptions of the film change by the time they have finished viewing the film. Personally the outcomes that occur in this film surprise me. Not only is this film known for stylistically being…

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