Differences In 'Dogtooth And Noah Baumbach And Little Rock'

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There are many films out there in the world of cinema where the audience has only seen the film from one angle. It is like going to the beach and all you can see is the surface of the ocean when there is so much more than just the surface. Film writers and directors want the audience to dig deeper and watch the film from multiple angles and different perspectives. Many films aim at a truth that they are trying to portray to the audience. The truth doesn’t necessarily have to be presented directly in a film. It is often times implied and therefore the audience must be willing to go beyond than what was shown on the screen. The movies, Dogtooth by Yorgos Lanthimos, Frances Ha by Noah Baumbach, and Little Rock by Mike Ott are all movies who are …show more content…
While Dogtooth and Frances Ha can be similar in a sense that life is hard and therefore those parents did not want their children to go down the wrong path which is a very common path, one can also infer that Frances Ha and Littlerock have similarities as well. Frances is very childish and she looks for the little things in life that make her happy which Atsuko would definitely agree with because she loves the plain and simple and that made her happy. The differences in the movies would be the style in which the films were shot. While Dogtooth points out the horrors of society and how it can corrupt a person, Frances Ha emphasizes that one can still be happy through the challenges they face in everyday life. The difference between Frances and Atsuko is that Atsuko, although they’re both naive to some extent, Atsuko having a language barrier puts her at a higher disadvantage. If the message of staying happy while facing the hardships of life was applied to Atsuko, she would not have been happy because of her innocence. She would have been used just like in Littlerock when the guy she liked cheated on her. The truth conveyed in Littlerock is very different from the truth being aimed in Dogtooth and that is in a sense that one had a fictional script however, one can say that having cheated on is one of the horrors of life and therefore the parents know about those horrors. Just something to think about because the two movies are very distinct in

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