Discovering A New World Below The Ocean Intrigues Me Essay

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Discovering a new world below the ocean intrigues me. I have never been one for loving ocean creatures, but I do enjoy learning about the world below us. I found several facts interesting as I read the articles including: how osmosis and salinity functions, how seawater cells move, how pH affects the ocean, how decomposition works in the environment, how upwelling stirs up nutrients, and how water temperature affects organisms.
One of the interesting facts discusses why osmosis and salinity impact marine organisms. Osmosis relates to the amount of water that travels across cell membranes. During osmosis, the water travels from high concentration to low concentration until it reaches equilibrium. There are two types of osmosis reactions. The first label, osmotic conformers, includes organisms that cannot control osmosis and do not have body regulations to discrete chemicals. Because they do not have a regulator to excrete water, organisms’ cells explode if they are placed in a no salt environment. On the flipside, if an organism is thrown into a dense environment, then the water will flow out of the organism causing dehydration. Most of these osmotic conformers are plants and invertebrate animals, but the other creators are categorized under osmotic regulators. As the name entails, these types of animals are able to regulate the salinity of the water. I have always understood osmosis, but I never fully understood the impact it has on marine life. Scientist know how osmosis…

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