Disadvantages Of Population

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Human population, from his appearance on Earth up to before 10.000 years approx., increased itself with exceptionally low rhythms. The agricultural revolution gave the first big impulse in the increase of human population. The passage of a person to a hunter in that of farmer increased the quantity of produced foods. Thus, the control that had an impact on the insufficiency of food in the size of population was reduced, allowing its increase for first time in the history of humanity
Today, in world level, the human population increases in a annual basis at 1,8% more or less. However the persons that are added in a population will have descendants, a increase of this order of 2% , is not equal with simple addition of 2 individuals in 100. In
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For example, the demographic increase of cities in many countries (developed or not) becomes with rhythm bigger than 3%, because persons go in them to search for better life. The cities of “yesterday” however cannot cover the needs of the continuously increasing population. This weakness causes, in social level, enormous intensities and the split of cohesive beams of society. Moreover, in environmental level, it causes enormous problems of pollution, low levels of quality of environment and finally, despite the ostensible prosperity, demotion of quality of life of a …show more content…
China), so that is decreased the rhythm of increase of population. The preventive controls are reported in ways that limit the reproduction as celibacy, use of contraceptives etc. The positive controls are reported in incidents that increase the deaths of individuals front they enter in reproductive age or in epidemics that ruin big department of population causing reduction of total population as wars, epidemics, famines.The world population should be stabilized fast and high consumption in the rich countries must be decreased as long as possible.Another action which is must taken is to provide the suitable contraception in the all women that wishing and they wish to decrease the consumption for the reduction of inequalities. New vaccines, the sanitary care, the services of reproductive health could decrease the population perhaps in 10 or 15

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