Disadvantages Of Immigration Essay

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Immigration is a process where a person enters to a new country for the purpose of permanent residence and for the purpose of higher education, standard of living, better facilities, and better pay. However, some people migrate due to escalating poverty, unemployment, political, economic fluctuation, escape from prejudice along with worse environment changes and family reunification or just a wish to live in new surroundings on a voluntary basis. Starvation is also a key factor among people who migrate to host country. Natural disasters are big causing of immigration it forces people to shift another country. It increases energy and innovation of a country, low cost labor and better environment. However, it has both negative and positive effects. …show more content…
Language barrier is one of the major problem for an individual they find it difficult to communicate with host countries people and they unable to get familiar with them easily. According to Bmirr (2013), every person has some kind of problems in their life when they come to school or college. They are afraid to participate in debate and asking questions in the class they use to speak slang language and wrong pronunciation as well as they finds it difficult to understand and writing a professional letter. Due to it, these language barriers obstruct student’s learning ability to move next class. Apart from this, immigrants who come to host country they face different culture and language which is not good for them. According to Kidder (2014) immigrants have to face different culture, customs, rituals and different languages which are difficult for them. For surviving in a host country immigrants have to accept their culture so it’s big loss of their own indigenous language and culture. In addition to it, financial burden is the biggest demerit for immigrants who come to developed countries. According to Oak (2011) mostly immigrants survive under the financial burden and less expenditures they find it difficult to live and study in well developed and much costly countries. Immigrants easily fell into homesickness, depression and so on. No one there for takes care and gives helping hand to them. In addition to it, among immigrants racial discrimination is a big threat. Moreover, racial discrimination happens due to diverse culture and diverse people like in status along with face then Immigrants are unable to find work and job easily and feel unsecure. Furthermore, by adopting new culture and language most of the immigrants forget their native language and culture. According to Beckford (2012) “In addition,

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