Disadvantages Of Electronic Media

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Communication is the key to a successful project, program or venture. The study and use of communication and health has quickly developed and expanded. The vast spread and importance of health communication has been shown through the creation of peer-reviewed health communication journals, the addition of a health communication section of Healthy People 2010 goals and objectives as well as the publication of several books from the Institute of Medicine (Bernhardt, 2004). Healthy People 2010 defines health communication as: “ Informing, influencing, and motivating individual, institutional, and public audiences about important health issues (Bernhardt, 2004, paragraph 4).” Therefore, public health communication is the development and evaluation …show more content…
According to a recent study by Hieftje, Edelman, Camenga, and Fiellin (2013) electronic media based interventions to increase experimental learning and, when created according to established health promotion theories and model, offer distinct and significant advantages over traditional methods of health education due to the repetitive nature of reinforcing learning. Moreover, electronic media based interventions can be personalized through the avatar and username creation and virtual characters. These electronic interventions also have the interactive ability to provide immediate (2013). Therefore, electronic media based interventions are essentially the ideal platform for improving public and individual health outcomes for adolescents and ultimately adults (2013). However, there is little research on the efficiency of electronic media based interventions, specifically pertaining to their effect on health or safety behavior (2013). With their potential and capability, further evaluations of existing electronic media based interventions are needed. Future research also needs to focus on developing, evaluating, and implementing electronic media based interventions among different subpopulations

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