Disadvantages Of Affirmative Action Policies

Affirmative action policies places non-minorities at a disadvantage along with analysts believing that these rules impact the individuals they are attempting to help. Affirmative action was established to put an end towards discrimination. Shelby Steele, who is an English professor at San Jose State University, acknowledges instead of affirmative action to resolve the problem it intensifies the problem. In addition, someone who is a minority may never know whether their skin color, sex, or ethnic origin be a key factor on the person's employment or admission decision. In the article, Steele argues minorities should have more job training, better education, safer neighborhoods, along with increased financial assistance for college. Stelle who is a middle class black college professor who is far from being wealthy is automatically put into a disadvantage because of his skin color and his social class status. …show more content…
While children who come from an alumni parent have a higher admission percentage rate just because of their ethnical background. Supporters of affirmative action focus more on its good intentions rather than on its negative effects. The quality that earns blacks preferential treatment is suggested by inferiority. With the effect of preferential treatment lowers the standards for blacks and increase black representation. In addition with lower standards for the black, more black students are admitted into college. Stelle wants for not just his children but for all the minorities to be given fairness and give disadvantaged students a better chance at

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