Compare And Contrast Affirmative Action And Slavery

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Affirmative action was signed by President John F. Kennedy it was first put into play on March 6, 1961 it called to ensure that applicants are employed, and employees are treated during employment, without concern to their race, creed, color, or national origin. Forward to 2016 where it has become a problem within college applications where colleges are now more focused on having a diverse student body rather than the quality of the student themselves. While some colleges believe that affirmative action is helping minorities it can seem condescending applying that minorities cannot achieve their objectives with their abilities or hard work. This implied meaning is similar to the belief that slaveholders argued that slavery was a ‘positive …show more content…
The arguments for affirmative action and slavery similar in the both argue that it helps to bring out potential in minorities and that it generated unfavorable opinions of those who affirmative action and slavery affected causing some to be looked down upon not to mention that both have ties to race and nationality; that said, it greatly differs in the fact that affirmative action was added to aid minorities in getting jobs and an education while slavery was a means to a cheap labor …show more content…
While both ideas followed around race each has a different way of approaching race while one favors opportunities the other favors servitude. The slave trade 's had a negative cultural impact on. On one hand slavery separated families and took mothers away from husbands and children. Slavery was a one stop shop and until it was abolished it was almost impossible to be free. That differs greatly from affirmative action where it created opportunities for those who had none. It encourages the pursuit for higher education and pushes students to rise above what is expected. Affirmative action also differs from slavery in its push for equality among schools. Furthermore, where slavery is now looked down upon as a dark part of history affirmative action was and still is seen by some as a way for those of less opportunistic households to have some leverage in

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