Listening To My Father Analysis

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Have you ever related to something in a short story or novel in some way? Connecting to the text can give a deeper understanding of what the author is trying to convey. When reading “Listening to My Father,” I could relate to the views the author had of his father. Even though both parents lived in a different time era, Dirda’s dad had similarities and differences in lifestyles and traits like my own father’s. They were different in their ideals of self improvement, but were hard working men who made sacrifices to provide a comfortable life for their children.
In Dirda 's short story, he expressed how his father harped on him about improving himself. He mentioned examples like jogging, delivering newspapers, and handling tools (391). Dirda was annoyed by the constant advice his dad kept giving him. His father wanted a better
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One of the biggest similarities they had was sacrifices they made. Both of them had sacrificed their time, money, and energy to provide a good life for their family. They would work long hours and establish a relationship with their kids. Although, my father differed from the author’s dad with his purpose of self improvement. My dad imposed his ideas in hopes I would pursue the responsibilities he had during my age. Dirda 's father contrasted these ideals by his desire to exalt the family name. They also diverged by the interactions with their son. The relationship I had with my dad was distant compared to the author’s connection with his own father. Even though both parents couldn 't be around for their children, they were persistent on finding a way to be a part of their lives. When I reflected on this paper, I had a deeper appreciation for what my father has done for our family. Fathers play an important role in a child 's life. They make a contribution to raising children by their guidance and sacrifices they make for them. A father’s love is truly

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