Digital Tools And 21st Century Learning Essay

1041 Words May 9th, 2016 5 Pages
PGE 3- Leader in Digital Tools and 21st Century Learning
The context of my leadership and knowledge of digital learning is comprised of ten years of experience as the media specialist in two different high schools. When I first became a high school media specialist in 2006 our system was using Windows 98. The main use for the computer labs, of which there were two, were for basic Internet research and word processing. At this time using digital tools for education was a new concept. In 2008, our county purchased mobile laptop carts for classroom use that were web enabled. This coincided with an opportunity for me to attend our state wide media conference. A new focus for this conference was the incorporation of digital tools in the classroom. From this conference I learned a great deal about using tools and how to integrate them into various curricula. At this time, our state department had a website (Kaleidoscope/Content Coliseum) that pulled the best of the best digital tools available and organized them by discipline. They also included web quests and interactive sites. This was a new area of growth for me, as previously we did not have the means of employing digital content. This changed with the arrival of the laptops. I researched and developed my skills based on information I acquired through this conference. Based on what I learned, I was able to develop training for my faculty on how to use these tools and implements them into 21st century learning. This training…

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