Essay about Digital Imagery And Social Media

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digital imagery and social media also aim to prevent negative public opinions that are promulgated by a careless post made by firefighters or other employees. What might seem to be a harmless post online could cause a tidal wave of problems for the agency and the firefighter. Therefore, social media policies attempt to minimize the employer’s exposure to these legal issues.
Conversely, firefighters and other public employees want to exercise their First Amendment constitutional rights as they see fit and freely post to Facebook or Twitter. The First Amendment right to freedom of speech is generally a very personal right to most people and being limited in that right does not sit well with most. Certainly firefighters and other public employees do not want limitations on this constitutional right and do not want their employer being the entity deciding the content of their posts. Firefighters are part of the social media trend and have instant access to the internet through their smartphones. This provides them the ability to check emails, search for training videos, take photographs, or even sign up for a firefighting class. This same convenience affords them the ability to post to their Facebook page or upload a video to YouTube, all while on duty. Some firefighters feel that they can post any comments or material they want under the protection of the First Amendment without repercussions.
One of the most recent court case involving fighters and social media stems…

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