Confederate Monuments Persuasive Essay

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Many people in our nation are engaged in a heated debate as to whether or not confederate monuments should be taken down or kept in their places. In some states, chaos has risen. A group of people gathered in Charlottesville Virginia,to protest the removal of the General Robert E. Lee statue. Amidst all this chaos a car driven by a Nazi sympathizer plowed into twenty counter protesters killing one and injuring nineteen others. After these events, President Trump blamed both the white supremacists and the protesters who opposed them for the violence that had taken place. This is not only a debate, but it has risen to violence. Many had found the monuments offensive. An African American high school student in Charlottesville states that the student “feels the history of …show more content…
It also acted as a way to rally white southerners who were against the political and social gains the African Americans achieved after the civil war. This includes the right to vote and to own land. Several states like Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi had passed laws which banned the removal of any confederate monument that memorializes a historic figure or event. There are many who support keeping the monuments in their rightful places. Their motives to keep these monuments are not about race but maintaining honor. Robert Bonner who was a civil war re-enactor states “When you start removing the history of the city you start losing where you came from and where you’ve been” I disagree with the white supremacist’s reasons for wanting to keep the statues as a rallying point for hatred and their interpretations for what these monuments represent. I also disagree with the protesters who want these monuments removed because they feel as if these monuments are offensive to themselves and their ancestors. I do agree with keeping these monuments in their places to memorialize the events that had happened during the civil

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