Digital And Printed Textbooks, Which Is Better? Essay

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Digital or Printed Textbooks, Which is Better?

The teacher goes on the computer, brings up a document and projects it to the class. This is to aid in showing the full class the document. This is an example of one of the possibilities digital textbooks have. In recent years technology has made a huge rise. It makes life easier, or to some people it is necessary for life, being a reason that bringing technology to school would make it easier to learn. With the advancements in technology, electronics are smaller, cheaper, and capable of doing more. Digital textbooks should be used in school, because they are less expensive, more portable, and more adaptable then their printed counterparts.

The process of dealing with printed textbooks alone has a lot to deal with the price.
Being a digital textbook gets rid of the fees to print, bind, warehouse, return, etc. (“Why E-books just make sense”)
Without having to spend more money on such expenses it is possible to release the textbook at a lower price, since the production costs are lower.
The digital textbook can released faster without having to go through these processes, since the processes are also time consuming.
Even after the book is made there are still used book sales.
The books may not be in good condition making it harder to read, easier to fall apart, or even vandalized.
With the possible defects of buying a used book, it may be more useful to buy a digital book. Both used and digital books average around half the…

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