Differentiation Is A Contemporary Term For Teaching Students Essay

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An Introduction of the Topic One topic that is at the forefront of many educators’ discussion is differentiation. It is one of the ten standards by which educators are evaluated. Although it is only one of the ten measures, it is often the one standard that carries the most importance. The “buzz-word” among educators is differentiation. What is differentiation? That is a contemporary term for teaching students today. Traditionally, students were put into assigned seats and rows and expected to learn from a teacher-centered classroom in which the teacher would lecture or teach to the whole class with each student expected to take notes, solve algebraic or geometric problems, write essays, or understand and apply scientific formulas. Traditionally, students learned each of these subject matters and skill simply based on a lecture and note-taking classroom. Students were expected to learn according to the individual style of the teacher, which typically resembled the teacher lecturing for the class period, and students frantically taking notes and hoping not to miss anything. Student’s main focus was not to learn the content that was being delivered, but simply keep up with the notes as the teacher delivered the information. According to Konstantinou-Katzi et al. (2013) “In all educational levels, educators face a common problem in their classrooms: Teachers teach but students do not learn. Traditionally, teaching is mainly an effort of knowledge transfer into…

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