Different Types Of Primates And The Species Of Primate Species

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There are many different types of primates, and they have similar traits that are stemming from their shared ancestor. Lemur catta, more commonly known as the ring-tailed lemurs, are a species of primate. Ring-tailed lemurs are from Madagascar, an island off the southern tip of Africa and are not located anywhere else in the world (Lang, 2005, para. 4). The climate where they live is seasonal, so they experience periods of rain, cold, and heat, which has affected their behavior and eating habits. Ring-tailed lemurs’ diet mainly consists of fruits and insects. During colder months, they sit upright to bath in the warmth of the sun (Lang, 2005). Besides these traits, ring-tailed lemurs have several distinct characteristics that make them a primate, and some of their traits and behaviors have been adapted to suit their environment and aid in their survival.
To be considered a primate, ring-tailed lemurs must exhibit certain general traits that distinguish them from other non-primate species. Like almost all primates, ring-tailed lemurs have two eyes that face forward and the ability to sit and stand upright. They move in their environment mainly through walking on the ground with both their hands and feet, but they also climb trees to sleep or to relax (Lang, 2005). Ring-tailed lemurs possess five, “padded, somewhat dexterous fingers bearing nails” and walk slightly on their toes (Wilson & Hanlon, 2010, p. 61). Along with the common traits seen in primates, they also possess…

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