Different Types Of Communication And Communication Essay

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There are many different types of communication such as:
- One to one communication
- Group communication
- Informal communication
- Formal communication
One to one communication is communication that is used between work colleagues when asking for advice between doctors and patient when discussing symptoms of an illness or even delivering bad news. Another type of one to one communication is when you are talking to your therapist. One to one communication consists of two people with no one else interfering. Group communication is communication in support groups, meetings and advice groups. For group communication to work everyone needs to get involved there also needs to be one person speaking at one time as if there is more than one person speaking group communication fails. Group communication works better if there is a group leader there to encourage group members to get involved in the topic that is being spoken about. Informal communication is used when we are talking to our friends or family it is more of an everyday communication it can be used to create a more comfortable conversation. Formal communication is used in business such as messages sent by organisations such as reports, letters so official communication. Formal communications could be used in business meeting, presentations. Communication between colleagues to show respect, demonstrate that you are a good listener. Sometimes communication between colleagues is informal however by using informal…

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