Different Society, Same Drinking Age Essays

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Different Society, Same Drinking Age

One of the greatest debates of the world is the legal drinking age of adolescents. In some counties there is no legal age, however, in others the legal drinking age is extremely high. Because the age restriction is unalike all around the world, it produces an immense debacle. In today’s society, it is necessary that the United States government lowers the drinking age from 21 to 18. The world nowadays is enormously different from when the law was first changed, causing the age to not correlate with today’s society. In addition, there are numerous other legal rights 18 year olds have that make the drinking age stand out. If the legal age for drinking was lowered, the outcomes will be positive, for example, there would be less illegal drinking and more drinking with caution and care.

The drinking age was not what it is today. Originally the legal drinking age was 18, but in 1984 it was altered, requiring people to be 21 years of age to obtain and consume alcohol (Wechsler). When the age was changed, the majority of people who were 18 to 21 lost their right to drink, even though they were able to for a while. This triggered outrage and angered countless amounts of people, but that didn’t change anything. Since then it has stayed at the age of 21. Many states have tried to lower the age limit at times, however it was too complicated and they were not successful. In addition, many college students and university professors signed petitions…

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