Different Perspectives Of Sociology : Symbolic Interactionist Perspective, And The Conflict Perspective

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There are 3 different perspectives of sociology. They are symbolic interactionist perspective, the functionalist perspective, and the conflict perspective. First off, the symbolic interactionist perspective is used within the smaller levels of analysis called micro. It utilizes symbols and face-to-face interactions. The second perspective is the functionalism. Functionalism is utilized within a larger level of analysis called macro. This is relationships between parts of society; moreover, how aspects of the society remain or are functional. the last perspective is the conflict theory, which also is on the larger level or macro level of analysis. In this semester of school, I’ve researched and watch many documentaries that can be related to each type of perspective. The first documentary was called “The Harvest”, which has much to do with the symbolic interactionist perspective. The first term is their civil rights as citizens of the United States. Civil rights are the rights of citizens own personal views and beliefs in politics, freedom socially and their equality. There are child labor laws that are being inverted, and abused because these owners or managers of these crops are allowing these children to work and collect checks under other people’s names. To begin to explain exactly what is wrong with this let us look at the fact that they allow these children to begin working at an average the age of 5. This is as bad if not worse than having children working in a sweat…

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