Different Perspectives Of Different Narratives Essay

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Different Perspectives, Different Narratives At first the humans feared us; they locked their doors and stayed inside when we roamed. But then they became more accustomed to us and we became more of a daily nuisance in their lives. But this world’s homeostasis stayed stable, despite our new presence. There was so much more for us to discover about our new home, we couldn’t leave just yet. But when we arrived here we knew that it wouldn’t be forever. This world is hostile. Why did these humans assume we were lesser? Why did they assume we couldn’t comprehend what they said? We all have our own cultures, and even though ours may not be as advanced, it is not any less worthwhile. We were treated like vermin, like an infestation. In a way we were; we went through their trash, broke into their pool clubs, took up “their” space. But who really owns this earth? It’s been around for millennia. If anything, we were here first; this land was ours. I digress, the point of this isn’t to complain about mistreatment. My time is limited; I know we can’t last here much longer. We’re dying out, we aren’t accustomed to this world; it’s trying to get rid of us. So I’ll speak while I can. I remember when we met for the first time. I knew there was more to you than other humans. You were itching to break free of the shell you’d been living in. With that man who didn’t appreciate you or let you expand your being. You began to teach me about your world and your language. Those times in your…

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