Different Methods Considered A Researcher Essay

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Other Methods Considered:
Participant observation It requires the researcher become a participant in the culture or context being observed Time consuming, prone to researcher Bias
Narrative Inquiry Collects peoples stories and experience: useful in understanding feelings , thoughts and experience Also an appropriate research option for this research
Policy analysis researcher analyses national, local or institutional policy, particularly in terms of its actual or potential impact on a sector No clearly identified policy nationally.
Auto-ethnography Develop understanding of socio-cultural patterns and improve practise within a people Not appropriate, culture of PADs is not the focus of study

Study Participants. Participants (Clinicians and patients) will be drawn from within a mental health service NHS provider in the UK. Patients with active PADs would be identified through their electronic medical notes and approached via their clinicians to participate in the research. They would be given information on the research protocol and informed consent taken.
Clinicians would be approached through the clinical educational unit that organises weekly educational meetings and continuous program development for doctors.
Sample size
A good sample size is important for generating as much data as possible. I propose to include all patients within the chosen NHS trust who have active PADs and have had at least an experience of utilizing this directive in the last 18 months. For…

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