Different Leadership Theories Essay

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Running head: Different Leadership Theories

Ebony Bittings
Grand Canyon University: UDA-575
September 26, 2012

When you think of the terms: leader and leadership, you generally equate them with being only one person. However, my view of leadership, especially effective leadership, is a shared function between many individuals. There are numerous leadership theories. As a whole, leadership theories should be implemented to contribute to the improvement of our schools. I have chosen the school I currently teach at to serve as the subject of my research throughout the duration of this course. I work at an elementary school named Myrtle Ave Elementary school in Irvington, New Jersey. Dionne
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She makes it very clear that she has the final say in everything that goes on in the school because it is her school and everything directly affect her and falls on her shoulders. This causes an extreme and evident divide between the staff and administration, which in turn causes the moral to go down tremendously. Poor teacher moral will essentially cause poor student moral. My administrator is always rushing through everything. She is always saying that “time is limited and of the essence”. While this is true in a school system where students only attend 10 months out of the year, if my administrator practiced more Collaborative theories, responsibilities could be shared which would give all of us the opportunity to cohesively work towards the same goal and would net better results. It is easy to see flaws in any system when you are not the only one running it and have very little input. It is harder to implement change and stick with it until you start to see positive results. I have gotten used to my administrators leadership style and have learned to turn what I find to be negatives, into positives. Since I am solely in control of the climate of my classroom, I work to implement Affiliative theories. I make sure that each student feels included in the decision making of their ever day learning. While I cannot change the curriculum, I can change how I chose to teach it and how I make my students feel when they receive it. Democratic theories can

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