Different Friends And Different Relationships Essay

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Different Friends/Different Relationships Ever had more than one friend? Ever had two different friends that are two different kinds of people? Well, if you have, you can understand that these different friends can cause us to have a different kind of relationship with these people. There are all sorts of different kinds of people in this word. It’s hard to have the exact same kind of relationship with two different people. The long term-friend: Some friends you have known your whole life so you have that history with them that can build a strong close bond with that person. You could be more comfortable with this person then other friends. This friend can also know you so well because they have seen you grow as well as you seen them. It’s a different kind of bond that you can only have with the friends who has been a part of your life most of your life. Naturally you act with this person will be different the other types of friendships.
The short-term friend: Then there are the new friends that you could be very close with but don’t have that same history or maybe the same comfortably as the other friend. They didn’t know you for very long so they could not see the changes you have had in your life, they haven’t seen you grow, they only have those short-term memories with you. This can cause you to act different with this person, not in a bad way but just a different way that just happens naturally.
The outgoing friend: The friend who gets you out of that “Shy shell.”…

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