Different Educational Philosophies That Have Developed Over The Years

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There are many different educational philosophies that have developed over the years. Some of these philosophies are teacher-centered and some are student-centered, but they all have the same goal, and the goal is to provide students with the best education possible. A few of the questions that definitely need to be answered before I enter the classroom, are what methods should I use to teach? What aspects of which methods will work best for me? What philosophy best exemplifies the way I want to bestow the learning process to my students? As long as each child is learning, I feel that I am fulfilling my goal, and a difference is being made, I am on my way to a successful classroom.
Of all the philosophies I have been taught and researched in my education course, I believe that no single philosophy is capable of addressing the diverse educational needs of the learners in our democratic multicultural society. They all have some element that that I think is vital to students’ educational needs. If one got locked in one philosophy, it seems to me that the view of the world and the ability to change would be limited. As a result, all the major philosophies have their relevance to the educational needs of our learners however; I believe a combination of the Classical Traditional philosophy, Progressive-Liberal philosophy and Critical Pedagogy would be a great frame-work to utilize in our diverse, democratic, multicultural education system. Since the teacher, the learner and…

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