Different Disciplines And Multiple Curriculums Essay

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among students in order to enhance the learning ability of different disciplines and multiple curriculums. While teaching, it is also the responsibility of teacher to ensure quality learning in the class; it’s the only way to learn effective and creative knowledge.
Pedagogical approaches to teaching in the school and disciplines offered by the school are the most critical factors in the learning process and success of school (Poldrack, 2010). Teachers responsibility is the biggest factor in success of a school, a teacher should adopt multiple and suitable pedagogical skills in order to foster learning among its pupils. The effectiveness of creativity and innovation in science is as much as it is in the fields of music, arts and literature. Effective learning is always followed by a proper assessment plan. Science really requires the assessment regarding the students in order to give opinion about their learning. Assessment is also necessary because it provides the evidence regarding the effectiveness of learning program. A proper framework should be designed in order to practice whatever is learned in the class. Practical’s when performed can also provide the evidence of success or failure related to the learning program. Teachers lay the foundation of successful learning process. Dignity of students while teaching curriculum should be kept; it increases the chances of success and effective learning. Self-confidence among the students who are studying in…

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