Different Cultures Based On The United Arab Emirates ( Uae ) Essay

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Our organization faces significant cultural shocks, which requires perfect business negotiations, one that guides business partners towards realizing the need for a vast integration of culture. The negotiation process is motioned by the Geert Hofstede 6 Dimensions where we are going to be discussing comparison of four cultures based on the model. Hofstede 6 (See Appendix) has the following factors inclusive Indulgence vs Restraint, Power Distance, Long Term vs. Short Terms, Pragmatic vs. Normative, Uncertainty vs. Avoidance, and Masculinity vs. Avoidance. Based on the Hofstede 6, we are going to negotiate on a variety of the business customs, languages that are inclusive and the social protocols. Hofstede model will helps us prepare the outreach efforts for the appropriate intercultural communication that employees will be required as a way to expand the hamburger franchise project.
Meeting Objectives
Cultural Similarities and Differences
Our four countries Mexico, China, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a range of different cultures based on their region, language as well as religion. We are therefore going to contrast these counties with the United States. Mexico’s proximity placed near United States; however, the country has a deep Latino culture while United States is dominated by an English culture. The differences between Mexico and United States are largely Spanish Latino language and English American language. On the other hand, Israel…

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