Essay on Different Classrooms With Different Learning Experiences

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I was given the opportunity to observe 5 different classrooms with different learning experiences. I was astonished by the way each teacher accommodated their students. I was surprised by the way hey felt teaching the lesson was more important than engaging in decision. I felt as though, most of my teachers did not focus on students who were ESOL, but partnered them with other ESOL students. I was trying to observe only the ESOL students, but it was hard to find which students were. Since the new integration among students as been established, every student is intertwined. I enjoyed that every student was given the same opportunity to learn a subject, but felt as though, some of the students should have been separated until they learn more of the English language. It was unique to see different peers working with each other when they needed helped on a certain task. It felt like everyone in each class worked well together and it was prominent that the teacher held her ground to that standard. I enjoyed learning more about the styles of learning needed to achieve everyone’s potential in the class. It was nice to see teachers encouraging their students to help improve their learning experience. I overall enjoyed my observation of ESOL learning and grew on the importance of making each child feel they can do it.
2. Having observed 5 different classes, I learned 5 different techniques for accommodating ESOL students. My first class observation was in a 6th Grade US…

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