Essay on Different Aspects Of The Osteopathic Medicine

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Like most of students, osteopathic medicine was still a stranger to me a few years ago, and I was in fact astonished when I knew that there were actually two different physician titles, apparently M.D., and also D.O. To satisfy my curiosity, I did some small researches about this two-lettered word D.O., and I was learned that ‘doctor of osteopathic medicine treats patient as a whole person.’ At that moment, I was really confused because “all doctors treat the whole person, don’t they?”
By the time I am applying to medical school, I have found that the concise reply to that question is, ‘No, it is not.’ For me, explaining the dissimilarity between D.O. and M.D. is like explaining the difference between apple red and roses red to a man who has lost his vision. This comparison has generated interest in me and led me to decide exploring more about the different aspects of the osteopathic medicine by volunteering. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to volunteer and observe many warm-hearted physicians in Dr. Bob Mann Charity Clinic of Mission Arlington. In this benevolently small clinic, I did all kinds of works from the simplest tasks like sorting clothes, packing canned food, organizing donated drugs and medical supplies, or helping patients as a translator to other bigger duties such as giving free flu shots, collecting patient’s specimen, and helping triage patients. No matter if it was a humble assignment or a highly responsibly duty, it was all…

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