Improving The Individual Experience Of Care

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Recommendations for Your Organization

Improving the individual experience of care.

For the small organization like ours, the way we can contribute to improving the individual experience of care is by providing quality healthcare. As cliché it might sound, if any physician in any physician office fails to do so, all the other experience of the clinic visit simply cannot make up the deficiency patient felt from not getting quality care. I would recommend all the office staff to internalize the concept of ‘patient first.’ I would recommend support staff to own the project and constantly research and innovate new ideas of improving the non-clinical individual experience. As for physicians, my recommendation would be to stay up-to-date with the new guidelines and research in this ever-changing subject of medicine and strive to provide evidence based care. It is not in too distant past when several of our partners started practicing the only reference they had in the office was flipping through the text book of orthopedics whereas these days we have ocean of information at our fingertips and we need to take full advantage of that for patient’s benefit. Physicians need to provide care to other individuals like the way they would like to be treated.

I also encourage patients to take more educated charge of their health to improve the individual quality of care. I recommend patients to be inquisitive and view this experience as if they are hiring a physician to help with their

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