Essay on Different Aspects Of The Change Process

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Approaches to change are process-oriented and problem solving in nature. Approaches of the change process include task-centered systems, crisis intervention, cognitive reconstruction, solution-focused treatment, and case management. When planning goals it is important to choose strategies that are sensible to use with both you and your client. Change strategies and goal planning often at times include micro, mezzo, and macro strategies. Task centered approaches lay out themes where people are seen as capable of solving their own problems and work on problems identified by the client. This theme believes that by identifying one’s own problems is empowering and helping with one’s interpersonal conflict. Task centered models have been adapted into various settings and lays out specific procedures dealing with specific goals and task monitoring.
Other aspects of the process oriented change deal with crisis intervention. Aspects of the crisis model deal with the severity, the client’s emotional status, coping mechanisms, alternatives, and support systems, and is the client a danger to themselves or others. How people react to crisis involves multiple stages dealing with tension acquired from the crisis. Cognitive restructuring is another aspect that deals with helping individuals modify their beliefs, faulty thoughts and perceptions, and destructive verbalization to lead to changes in behavior. These strategies set out to increase a clients cognitive and behavior skills and…

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