Different Areas Of North Carolina Essay

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The Bethea consist of four generations that reside in multiple areas of North Carolina. The first generation that reflects on the paternal began in Robeson County with a lovely couple who got married in 1958. Not long after the marriage did the couple began to reproduce and develop a conflictual relationship. The conflictual relationship became mentally and physically abusive but it the couple remained together. During the 50s, in rural North Carolina many things were accepted such as how the mother had her first child before her marriage the father. Even though, the marriage experienced many traumatic events, their coping mechanisms drew the family closer together.
The female in the first generation was the nurturer and the males offered structure and discipline within the home. The female performed motherly duties such as cleaning and caring for the children while sustaining a job as a local maid. During the hours while she was at work family members would care for the children and treat them as their own personal children. This allowed some of the children to find another maternal figure in the father’s sister. It did not negate the relationship between the birth mother. The mother received limited amount of wages which were not enough to solely care for the many children which required the father to perform trades in the community. The father would do hard labor and other task to provide for the family. While the father was working, he acquired a child outside of him…

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