Second Pillar Of Islam

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Judaism, Islam and Christianity all have one main belief in common: There is one God and He is the creator of the world. In Judaism, Shema is the essential confession of believing in one God. “This confession is completed by reminding the people to love this God with all their heart, soul and strength; to pray the Shema on arising and retiring; and to bind its words on their hands, foreheads, and doorposts to ensure that the awareness of the one true God might permeate their every thought and action.” (Esposito, p.89) The first pillar of Islam is the declaration of faith that states that “There is no God but the God and Mohammad is the messenger of God. One need only make this simple statement known as the shahadah to become a Muslim.”(Esposito, …show more content…
“The second pillar of Islam is a prayer happens five times a day (Dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset and evening) Muslims throughout the world call to worship God. Prayer is preceded by a series of ablutions to cleanse the body and to symbolize the purity of mind and body required for worshipping God. Salat, the prayer performed five times a day, is an act of worship and adoration of caught in remembrance of his word not one of request or petition. (Esposito, p. 245) Judaism has annual rituals such as Sabbath, Rosh Hashanah and Yomkippur, which are esentialy a new years celebration but with an emphasis on family and religion. Circumcision is another example of a Jewish ritual, which consists of the cutting of the foreskin of the penis as a sign of the covenant of Abraham. Christianity has the seven sacraments, (Baptism, communion, extreme unction, confirmation, marriage, holy orders and confession) which “provide ritual assistance to the Christian at every stage of life from birth to death. The sacraments of Christianity unite humans to God and paternal life, we are set to guarantee salvation from sin and death.” (Esposito, p. 177) We can observe how some similarities are actually what make each religion so unique, although they all have rituals and customs they actually are particular from one …show more content…
“Muslims Jews and Christians view themselves as the children of Abraham has proclaimed in each of their sacred Scriptures. Judaism Christianity and Islam share a belief in one God, the creator, sustain, the ruler of the universe who is beyond the ordinary experience. And all believe in angels, seated, profits, relation, more responsibility and accountability, divine judgment, and reward or punishment. Muslims, Jews and Christians claim dissent from Abraham and his wife, Sarah throughout their son I sac, Muslims trace their religious roots back to Abraham throughout this mile, his first born son by Hagar, Sarah Egyptian servant.” (Esposito, p. 223) This last extract from the book clearly shows how similar and close these three religions are from one another. The footings for God might be the same in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity but as we just discovered the interpretations defer from one another. Although each group stands on its own and they all claim individuality through their particular rituals it is fair to say that the worship the same God but in their own

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