Essay about Differences Between Russia And Russia

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Between the years 1855 and 1964 Russia faced mass opposition from various sources, however it can be argued that though large in scale, the majority of this opposition was ineffective in meeting their aims. Many areas of opposition did achieve some of their goals, though this is small in comparison to their failures as well as the fact that each group was faced with continuous oppression across the period.
In reference to opposition from the peasants, there is substantial fluctuation in its success, though can be considered to be overall ineffective throughout the period. While the group did gain some concessions from rulers, they faced general oppression and persecution over the span of the different regimes. Continuity is evident between both Nicholas ii and Lenin, as both gave into peasant demands at some point – meaning that their opposition can be considered successful. Nicholas introduced the agrarian reform under Stolypin after a wave of revolts from 1906 to 1907; whilst Lenin granted the rights to land for all peasants in 1917 with the ‘Land Decree’ and also introduced the NEP in 1921, which meant that peasants who had been forced to hand over all their produce to the war effort - were allowed to keep some to sell for profit. However the success can be called into question when considered alongside the fact that both rulers also used harsh repression against the peasants. Under the ruling of both Alexander ii and Alexander iii, the peasant opposition saw very little…

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