The Soviet Union In Vladimir Voinovich's The Fur Hat

“The Fur Hat”, was a comical novel written to show the society of the Soviet Union during the Brezhnev Era. By analizing the novel you will see how Vladimir Voinovich (Author) used a comical theme to point out the problems of the Soviet Union. This will give a better prospective of the 1970’s Soviet society. The Brezhnev Era was one of the most important time periods of the Soviet Union. After looking over the society of the 1970’s Soviet Union, We will look at the 1930’s Soviet Union. To help justify the research I will use quotes from the book “Bitter Watters. Using these quotes to show how the Soviet society was run under Stalin. After describing both time periods of the Soviet Union, we will compare and contrast the two. Finding the most important change between the two time periods and why it was important to the Soviet Union. Before we discuss the two time periods, we need to analyze the book itself. Yefim Semyonovich Rakhlin, is the main character of the story and is employed with the Soviets Writers Union. Rakhlin writes several different novels at the Soviet Writers Union, but unfortunately they are not that interesting. They would often be pro-Soviet themed books that made the …show more content…
The 1930’s Soviet Union was controlled by a power hungry dictator who killed millions of his own people. The Soviet system of the 1970’s were more modernized and split up the powers between a groups of individuals. If you choose one big difference between the two decades it would be “Mature Socialism”. The maturing of socialism educated more Russians than ever before. There was a modern urbanization taking place, something that was far-fetched during Stalin’s rule. The “mature socialism” was just another step in the collapse of the Soviet. Another major difference that is important was the changing role of women in the Soviet Union. They began working outside of the house at high rates which created the double

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