The Fur Hat Analysis

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“The Fur Hat”, was a comical novel written to show the society of the Soviet Union during the Brezhnev Era. By analizing the novel you will see how Vladimir Voinovich (Author) used a comical theme to point out the problems of the Soviet Union. This will give a better prospective of the 1970’s Soviet society. The Brezhnev Era was one of the most important time periods of the Soviet Union. After looking over the society of the 1970’s Soviet Union, We will look at the 1930’s Soviet Union. To help justify the research I will use quotes from the book “Bitter Watters. Using these quotes to show how the Soviet society was run under Stalin. After describing both time periods of the Soviet Union, we will compare and contrast the two. Finding the most …show more content…
After several decades of socialistic rule, the Soviet citizens began to adapt to the changing world. The Soviet system of the past was being modernized by the changing times. It was a time of urbanization and more steady jobs. Education was increasing among men and women. The people of the Soviet Union did not live in completer fear anymore and the government was more lenient to change. Brezhnev set a new era in the early 1970’s with the advancement of socialism with the modern times. It was similar to mature socialism just a fresher phrase that enlightened the population. For writers like Rakhlin during that time period it was really about who you are more than how well you worked. With Rakhlin being a Jewish man, it unfortunately made him a smaller man. Rakhlin talks about the way the writing intellectuals were controlled by the Soviet system. That the top writers who got better hats were just being used to write about Soviet propaganda. This was a controlled profession that he called the Soviets out on. Freedom of press was not a thing during that time period, in less you were writing good things about the Soviet system. The secret police of KBG was in full swing and in constant surveillance of any spying activity. This surveillance was a hidden terror that the Soviet Union used during that time period. Rakhlin talked about using code names so the KBG could not pick up what he …show more content…
How he was treated worse because of his Jewish heritage. Rakhlin was heartbroken and angry for the tomcat hat he got, and went on a mission to expose the corrupt bureaucracy of the Soviet Union. Ending in Rakhlin wearing a nice fur hat before dying shortly after. Then looking at what Rakhlin exposed and talked about. The Soviet Writers Union being controlled by the government. Editing their writings to make the Soviet system to look good. Along with the KBG and how they had to use codes to not get exiled or imprisoned. Briefly talking about the 1930’s Soviet Union and the terror Stalin enforced. Then more importantly what the main difference between the two decades were, “Mature Socialism”. This novel written by Vladimir Voinovich was comical but very

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