The Bet Analysis

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When one contemplates about a author that makes the reader analyze and investigate each individual word and action of the characters, William Shakespeare, George Orwell and Stephen King come to mind. However, one that makes the reader feel as if they were present in the character situation or time period is, Anton Chekhov. This brilliant author proposed many ideas about the Russian culture and their beliefs; an example can be seen as The Bet. From this story, one can investigate the question, “To what extent is the Russian class system and culture different to Pakistan?" The purpose of this paper is to explore and inspect the question above and theory answer it throught valid evidence.
Looking towards the nineteenth century, Russia was very
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This can be portrayed by a poster named “ Ne Boltai” which essentially means do not chatter. The Bet takes place in a bar, where many men are surrounding the Lawyer and Banker. Everyone is discussing capital punishment and whether or not it was correct. “ There had been many clever men there, and there had been interesting conversations. Among other things, they talked about capital punishment” (Chekhov; Lines 2-3). When the Lawyer and Banker made a bet for two million roubles, not one man tried to stop them. Thee Banker was giving away more than half of his life in solitary confinement, not one soul had said a word. This shows how strong the men and society was towards …show more content…
Both countries have different class systems because of the jobs given to the citizens. Also because of the name that was given to describe the social classes. Pakistan is considered a country however, some sources state that it is an artificial country; in other words Pakistan is not a country or a state.This idea is seen to contrast with the policies of Russia. Furthermore, Russian men think it is wise not to speak in a argument. This can be seen in The Bet when the Lawyer and Banker were making the bet. No one had intervened, or stopped such an immoral

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