Differences Between North And South Essays

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The United States, after the American Revolution in 1765 and 1783, became a nation that consists of two distinct and very different regions: the North and the South. It wasn’t until 1800 and 1850 that there were quite a few differences between the North and the South. Both regions differ greatly in their economies as it grew stronger during these years causing a drift in between the two regions. The differences became more and more dangerous for the unity of the Union as well as making became harder to change. Not only was there a difference in their economies, there were also a difference in their social and political structure which causes the gap to widen between North and South. The drift continues to widen until it led to it breaking point in 1860 and the start of the Civil War in 1861. It became a war that raged across the nation from 1861 to 1865 which was at first a war fought for the preservation of the Union until it later changed to be a war fought for the abolition of slavery.
The economy of Northern and Southern states was one of the most difference between the two sides as one was known for its factories and industries, while the other was known for its agriculture and farming. The North in the 1800s although still consists of small farms, it too also become more and more industrialized. Industries flourished more in the North than in the South. Population in the North grows more quickly than in the South as their economy was based more on family farms,…

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