Differences Between North And South Essay

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One nation divided; this is exactly what the United States of America was like in the early eighteen hundreds. The southern region of the United States seceded from the northern region forming a separate nation for a period of time. Each region had its very own distinct characteristics that separated the the two regions geographically, architecturally and culturally. They also differed in population, economy and transportation. There were many geographical differences between the North and the South in the early to mid eighteen hundreds.The same goes for the variety of climates that the north and south exhibited during the years. In the northern region the summers were long and warm while the winters were cold and snowy. The land was not good for farming or agriculture. The geography was hilly, rocky and mountainous. The soil was dry and filled with clay making farming hard if not impossible. On the coastline there were many sheltered bays and inlets that were used for importing and exporting goods. In the southern region the climate was generally warm and sunny year round and hot and humid in the summer. In the winter the temperature would still be generally warm but with heavy rainfall, this helped to generate great soil for farming. This climate was ideal for agriculture and farming. The southern region coastal line had oceans and gulfs like the Atlantic ocean and the gulf of Mexico. it also had a number of navigable rivers such as the Mississippi River, the Rio Grande…

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