Differences Between Management And Leadership Essay

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Many people may be qualified for a management position, but few are considered “leaders”. The important question to ask then is, what makes this distinction? There has been a great deal of research on this topic and scholars would agree that there are many defining differences between management and leadership. However, the best organizational leaders need to display the characteristics of both in order to effect positive change and achieve goals. I will examine the similarities and differences of management and leadership along with foundational Biblical principles of Christian leadership to determine how I can best utilize these skills to better lead and influence my team.
Leadership seems to be a mystical idea that is hard to define or comprehend. Many describe leadership in terms of innate traits or characteristics, others view it as a set of learned behaviors. In the book, Leadership, the idea of leadership is defined as “a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (Northouse, 2016, p. 6). In this view, leadership is focused on the way in which leaders can affect followers and influence them to achieve a common goal. By this definition, leadership is available to anyone.
If leadership is dependent on influence, let’s study a leader who has significantly influenced billions of people, even thousands of years after his death—Jesus Christ. How was he able to influence the world? In the book of John, the story is told of…

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