Immigrants Vs Capitalism Essay

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Both Immigrants and capitalism played crucial roles in the development of the United States. Immigrants were key providers of labor, willing to work in unfortunate conditions, for lower pay than Americans. These immigrants wanted to make better lives for themselves and they were willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. Capitalist inventions and ingenuity changed industries and the United States forever. They were cunning businessmen that would often cheat others to make money for themselves. There were, however, businessmen that wanted to change the country for the better. Many of these businessmen saw things that were needed in the United states and capitalized on them. Many either wanted to transform the country or seriously …show more content…
Businessmen were all trying to make lots of money for themselves, often not caring who they had to knock down in the process. A lot of the money was in the railroad industry. Jay Gould for example “was perhaps the first prominent railroad magnate to be tarred with the ‘robber baron’ brush. He bought older, smaller, rundown railroads, offered minimal improvements, and then capitalized on factory owners’ desires to ship their goods on this increasingly popular and more cost-efficient form of transportation” (515). He felt that he could charge companies whatever price he wanted to because they needed his railroad in-order to transport their good. Gould “drove [the Erie Railroad] to near ruin in a failed attempt to attract foreign investors” (515). Things like this did not bother him, he was looking to make money and was willing to do whatever it took to get there. Another “robber baron” was Cornelius Vanderbilt, who wanted his railroad enterprise to thrive. He was very interested, as well, in making a “positive impact on the American economy” (516). Both Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison made great strides with their inventions. Bell invented a marvel in modern communication that was later perfected by Edison. And Edison “‘hoped to have a minor invention every ten days and a big thing every month or so’” (513). He was a major innovator in this way, employing many scientists at one to, hoping to come up with

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