Differences Between Female Friends And Male Friends Essay

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How are female friends similar to male friends? Many times this question has been answered by the usual, there nothing alike, and some may believe that is true, but there are some that believe differently about the matter. Even though there are many ways that male friends that are different from female friends, but there are some ways where they 're very similar – or close to it-.

Although some men hate to admit it, they all have that one or two best guy friends that will always have their back through thick and thin, just like how women have their best friends that has their back. And that mixes in with the saying – a little less offending version – “Mates before dates” meaning putting your male friend’s problems before some girl you’d just met, and for women its “Sisters before Misters” Implying the same type meaning. And just like how men can tease each other or make playful jokes, so can women. And just like above not only women can give out helpful or friendly advice, men friends can also. Many men give out advice to their friends, whether it’s about relationship problems, work or just not feeling too happy.

And to top it all off, men have a bunch of friends because they all have the same interest in many things. Be it sports, cooking, hunting or exercising they have some sort of interest that the others likes as well. Or if they don’t exactly have the same interest in some things, they have a way of sharing their interests with the other, leading the other…

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