Differences Between Christianity And Islam

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Have you ever wondered what kind of rituals each religion practices? . Islam has become the second largest and most influential religion around the world, after Christianity it represents twenty-three percent of the total world population, which are about one point six billion people in total. Interestingly most of the people always relate Muslims to the Middle Eastern countries, but the truth is that the great majority of the Muslims live in the Asia-Pacific region of the world. In Islam, Muslims are divided into two branches, one of them is the Sunni Islam and the other one is Shia Islam. The separation happened after the death of the prophet Mohammed. This segregation led to a dispute over who should take the leadership of the religion. …show more content…
Although both religions originated in the same geographic area, they have completely different beliefs, history and legacy. It is very difficult to determine what the real meaning of religion is, since it depends on the way each person looks at it, but it is essentially a belief. Islam has very different ways of thinking in comparison to Christians. The focus in Islam is always on God and they worship only on God as the highest power and only creator of the universe rather than anything else and no matter what the consequences are the faith in God will always be first. On the other side Christians are more liberals depending on the branch each person decides to go for. Christians not only worship God, but also worship Jesus as a Divine being and not just a prophet. In Catholicism followers are freer to choose what they want to believe, but still having a path and rules to follow. On the similarities side, Muslims and Christian believe that there is only on God as the creator of the universe. Additionally both religions believe in Jesus and that he will return on the Day of Judgment to save the universe. Satan is real and what you do on this life will determine whether you go to paradise or hell once you pass

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