Essay on Differences Between Christianity And Islam

1500 Words Nov 27th, 2016 6 Pages
In the world’s history, people from all points in time on this earth have searched for the meaning of life. For most people, they relate to some supernatural being or event that put them where they are, and follow set of laws that were given to determine how each man and woman should live their life. In today’s statistics the majority of the world believes in some sort of religion, around 6.5 billion people (Wormald). The top two most populated religions or ways of life happen to be Christianity and Islam (Wormald). For Christianity there are different versions such as Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox Christians, and for Islam there is are a Shia and Sunni Muslims (“Christianity vs. Islam”). Considering the fact that there are large differences between Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christians, one form of Christianity, in this case Protestant, will be compared to all of Islam. Now when one begins to discuss the characteristics of each religion they will notice compared to most other religions these two are stunningly similar, but to those who follow them diligently, the differences are significant. Most religions, including these two, have their own origin story, superior beings, practices, and life after death. Even with their similarities being as interesting as they are, their differences are what really catch most people off guard. To understand where these religions came to be one must go back to the beginning and understand their foundation. Every religion…

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