Differences Between Big Developers And Indie Creators Essay

1645 Words Dec 16th, 2016 7 Pages
There are many differences between big developers and indie creators, but they all have one mutual goal: to create an enjoyable game. “I often compare indie developers and big, huge studios. Each of them have their own strengths and I think, where the indie guys literally and figuratively run circles around the big publishers is they are a lot more mobile. They don’t have to make as many complicated, broadroom based decisions. They can focus on the kind of game they want to make, and because of thing like Steam, they can take their game, make it awesome and then get it directly to players, who spread the existence of the game, because they love it so much.” (Wheaton, 2014). Wil Wheaton pointed out the fact, that both, indie and big developers have different possibilities and creative views. While independent studio has more of freedom and vision, the big developers have money. He also mentioned Steam, which is being used to distribute those ideas in courtesy of players, who then spread the news about their favorite independent titles. Steam is owned by Valve, one of the biggest developers in history of gaming. This case shows how big studio is willing to cooperate with indie developers. This flow of ideas and innovations has another profit for the gaming industry – discovering talents, who can influence big productions, but needed recognition. Valve often admitted that they are willing to hire small producers who prove they are worth working at the highest possible level.…

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