Differences and Similarities of Greek and Roman Gods Essays

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Mythological gods are a subject that has fascinated many for centuries. Some of the more popular gods are the Greek gods and t he Roman gods. On many occasions people have confused the gods of these two ancient civilizations. For instance when a person thinks of the goddess of love they may think of Venus or Aphrodite and think that they are one and the same. They are not though, Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and Venus her Roman counter part. When thinking of the God of Love, Cupid is the first that comes to mind and therefore, he should be Aphrodite’s son but he is Venus’ son. Along with their different names, they have many variations as to how they were born how they lived and how the mortals viewed,
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They welded their powers and strengths to the benefit of themselves and anyone they felt obliged to or favored. They thought little of what their actions caused for the mortals only how it affected them.
Cronus was the youngest so of mother earth and father heaven, also known as Gaea and Uranus. Mother Earth had six sons originally but they were so hideous that father heaven imprisoned them in a deep hole. After mother earth gave birth to six more children she challenged them to punish their father for his evil. Her youngest son Cronus took the challenge. He dismembered his father’s manhood and tossed it into the sea. After this he too kept his older hideous siblings locked up and with his other siblings became the titans. He ruled for a time until his sister and also wife bore him six children. He feared the same fate as that of his father and so he swallowed all but the last, the youngest again stood alone. When the last child was born Rhea his wife and sister went to mother earth and asked for help to protect her child. Mother earth agreed and raised Cronus and Rhea’s youngest, Zeus, hidden from his father. Rhea in turn took a rock wrapped in a baby blanket and gave it to Cronus and told him it was his child. He believed her and swallowed it too, leaving Zeus to grow up and one day defeat his father. When Zeus grew up and Cronus discovered he was still alive they fought, Cronus was forced to regurgitate his five other children and the rock. With his

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