Differences And Similarities In Education Between China And The United States

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Education is vital fucktion.to any society in this industrial driven economy. Education has contributed to its own nation’s growth, progress and its survivability and sustainability throughout their respective histories. In recent times, the world has seen the industrial super power grow to what they are now. The world is technologically driven now. Countries like China and the United States and along with many other advance countries are locked in a competitive race whether it militarily or educationally. Both countries has many differences when comes to their own education system but progressive big nations like them has one big thing common, they put great emphasis on their education system. No system is perfect. Many things contributes …show more content…
It is basically memory versus creativity. The way the students are taught in schools are very different from each other (Pine, China and the United States). In China, the average students has more knowledge of American history than an average high school who graduates form United States. She went on explaining that the class room structure are very different than in U.S. In China, students act more in unison rather than individualistically. Throughout the day in school are set up that way in a Chinese classroom where children and teens do activities and learning as a whole. According to statistics in the article (Chang, 2007), an American literacy rate for average person compare to a Chinese are very low. One of the reason is due to the fact of the social structure of the family, class or economic status. Both countries has lot to learn from each other and both have great emphasis on education and much to offer each other and the world. Education system needs to be scrutinized and revised carefully and vigorously as our future generations depends on

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